Classic Country Cottage
Project Description

We bought this seaside cottage in 1989 as an escape from the city – our holiday house by the sea. Our kids virtually grew up here and as a family we created many magical moments in and around our home away from home. Around mid 2019 we decided to leave the city and move into our tiny house full time. Initially we thought we’d knock it over and build something brand new but emotions got the better of us and our kids rejected the idea completely…we discussed our dilemma with our builder friend, Pat Waddell and quickly came to the realisation that we could (and simply had to) renovate. We’d known Pat for years and he fully understood our emotional commitment to the building and thankfully accepted the sensitive task of rejuvenation.

So, we moved in at the beginning of 2020 and it all started. Pat’s team became our second family, we were living in the house while they meticulously worked around us, things were tight but it was exciting and rewarding and the end result is more than satisfying. One of the standout aspects of the Waddell Team was that we had the same team for the entire length of the reno – Jen became the production manager and virtually became one of the building team – everyone knew what to do and things got done – very impressive.

The finished product is amazing – all the important features of the home have been carefully blended into a modern, country feel. We all agree that the reno was the way to go and we couldn’t be happier.